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Shark Link

SharkLink is the bridge – or ‘link’ - between HG HQ and our HG Sharks. It is a panel of seven of our most experienced and diverse partners, representing a true cross section of all our HG practices and Sharks.


SharkLink work closely with our HGHQ Departments on behalf of all the Sharks across the group, to ensure that the considerations and the needs of all our practices are at the forefront of any decisions made by HG HQ, which support our drive for continued growth and improvement to business processes.


One of the main focusses of SharkLink is to ensure the magic that makes HG so very special is maintained, whatever the size of the company as well as to support HGHQ in driving standards and maximising the HG magic.


SharkLink relies on the constructive feedback of fellow Sharks. Should you have an opinion and feel you could make a difference, please feel free to contact SharkLink on:

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