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Shark Induction

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Welcome to your induction

& Learning Journey

  • As a new Shark we want to make sure you get all the information you need to give you and your practice the best start possible and to support the role of the practice buddy

  • This is an exciting time for everyone involved in the group and we are so pleased that you have taken the decision to be part of our journey

  • The Shark Induction is designed for any partners who are new to role, or new to Hakim Group.  The induction has been designed to support you in the day to day running of the practice(s) as well as developing your leadership skills

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& ways of working

  • Our partnership formula has evolved into something truly special

  • This is built on trust, mutual respect of each other’s strengths

  • We have created a clear commitment to work together in a tried and tested format which delivers transformational results

“We would like all partners to be advocates of the Hakim group culture and values which make this business so special to be a part of”

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We Believe 

During the past decade, our partnership formula has evolved in to something truly special, and one which is built on trust, mutual respect of each partner’s strength and above all a clear commitment from everyone to work together in a tried and tested format which gives transformational results.


I’m going to take you through a list of areas that all partners should take the time to understand so that we can hit the ground running on the journey ahead.

we promise to deliver the following to our sharks:

  • An established profitable practice, if acquiring one through the group as a partner

  • Full support to ensure your practice operates profitably as a partner

  • Each practice is assigned a practice buddy, to support onboarding and ongoing business development

  • Full back-office support

  • IT support

  • Approved suppliers with the best terms

  • Regular industry updates and intelligence

  • Technical support

  • Financial Management & Accounts team

  • Marketing support

  • Managed online presence and social media support

  • Creative, design, photography, videography & print services

  • HR, Recruitment and Payroll services

  • KPI dashboards and regular performance checks

  • Mystery shopper reports and an NPS (Net promoter score) platform (GroHawk)

  • A dedicated partner community Induction, training and further development opportunities for each practice

  • An enjoyable journey!

Find out more on the Shark Hub