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Once your practice has been onboarded to our version of Optix, we will then be able to report back centrally on a...

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Operations - Please find a copy of the presentation of the materials covered by the Operations team at the Shark...

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Managing practice debt - Description: A guidance document on how practice debt is managed across all HG...

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Stock handling guide - Supporting information for HG Optix practices on how to complete stock transactions 

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Practice till routines - Guidance on cashing up and completing petty cash transaction through HG Optix

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An overview of the Facilities team and how they support their practices

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Here is an introduction from Claire Slade regrading Professional Advancement and Governance, with details on how e support our Sharks and practices

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The buddy (as the name suggests), is really there to support the practices with whatever they need as a
friend, by helping through ...

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We have provided an overview of the practice buddy's objectives, including some specific areas on how they support Sharks and...

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Here is a video guide on how to complete the different categories on the daily KPI sales tracking sheet

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Gro-hawk is a mechanism used by our practices to collate patient feedback. It does this by creating automated surveys which are...

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Here is a handout and reference guide to cover the health index

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Enhanced services - Support for practices on how to manage their enhanced services and Corporate debt


 NHS process - Guidance on how to manage outstanding NHS vouchers and submissions 

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Stock taking guide - Instructions on how to complete a stocktake through the HG version of Optix

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​Practice till discrepancies and how to fix them - Supporting information on how to investigate and reconcile till discrepancies...

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Here is an introduction to the Finance and Accounts team and shares information on how they support practices 

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Here is an overview of the Recruitment team with details of the services they offer to practices along with their contact details.

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Here is an introduction and overview of the practice buddy role and to be able to put some names to faces

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Please find a guide on how to access the performance tracker and how to accurately update it for your practice(s)

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 A guide on how to enter labour costs onto the performance tracker