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Welcome to Team Hakim - We want to ensure that you get the best start possible, either as a new Shark joining the group, or as an existing partner needing a refresher. The information we share will provide the essential tools at the start of your journey, and will help you to understand the supporting resources we have in place for our practices including who to contact, if you need support. We want you to really enjoy your journey and believe what we will share with you, will show you how you can contribute to the overall success of the group and how to navigate on how we work together. 

To help you build sound and solid relationships with the wider HG HQ team members, here is some handy resources on ‘Who’s who’ and how to contact them

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We Believe 

During the past decade, our partnership formula has evolved in to something truly special, and one which is built on trust, mutual respect of each partner’s strength and above all a clear commitment from everyone to work together in a tried and tested format which gives transformational results.


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& ways of working

  • Our partnership formula has evolved into something truly special

  • This is built on trust, mutual respect of each other’s strengths

  • We have created a clear commitment to work together in a tried and tested format which delivers transformational results

“We would like all partners to be advocates of the Hakim group culture and values which make this business so special to be a part of”